The GROW model

Stuck? Overcome any obstacle and source the help you need with the GROW model


Sometimes an issue proves to be so thorny you can’t see a way out. How are you ever going to do X? How can you possibly manage Y without Z? Will you just have to give up?

If you’re stuck on a problem and you don’t know how to solve it, use the GROW model.

The GROW model is a framework that helps you take a methodical approach to problem solving. It helps you double-check that you have indeed left none of the proverbial stones unturned.

GROW stands for

  • Goals
  • Realities
  • Opportunities
  • What can I do now (taking action).


Become more resourceful with the GROW model

The GROW model has many, many benefits. Not only will it move you closer to your goals, it will help you:

  • Practice resourcefulness. That’s the greatest benefit – you will soon otice how much more resourceful you are after constantly using the model.
  • Gain the clarity to see that you’re not in this alone, and that you can find all the help and resources you need.
  • Stop worrying uselessly and start truly tackling the problem, instead of running around in circles. Get rid of the mental drag of low-level anxiety.
  • Pull up your sleeves and take a proactive view of problems.
  • Learn to trust your self-reliance and gain confidence.
  • Practice the problem-solving mindset.
  • Feel more in control when you feel paralysed because there are a thousand directions you could go, or when you’re down.

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How to use the GROW model in practice

To put your problem through the GROW model, follow these steps:

1. State your Goal: the problem you want to solve, and how you want to solve it.

Ensure the goal is positive and SMART. State your goal in a positive way, by saying what you want.

Avoid stating your goal in a negative way, by saying what you want to avoid or stop. For example, “I want visibility on three months’ cashflow at all times” instead of “I want to stop worrying about money”.

2. State your Realities: face the obstacles that are in your way, the constraints you have to take into account, and make a master list of all of them.

They will help you reframe your goal: they’re not a signal to give up, but to adapt your goal to your specific set of circumstances. You’re working out a compromise, an arrangement with your constraints.

You might have to revise your timeline or to rewrite your goal, but you will see that you have more leeway for action than you thought, once you acknowledge your Realities.

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3. State your Opportunities: what assets and opportunities do you have, who are your allies?

Now that you know you have to contend with A, B and C, how will you tackle each one in turn? Who can help you overcome the specific set of Realities you’ve just outlined? That’s when you will see how useful it is to really explore your Realities and constraints – each one will be a micro-project in itself, each one will require its own solution. Once you’ve solved each mini-problem, suddenly you have a list of action steps to reach your goal!

On CareerMum BECKSearch there are dozens of knowledgeable people just waiting to help you. They each have their own area of expertise – and they’re definitely part of the Opportunities that will help you GROW.

4. Ask “What can I do now?”

Each constraint has suggested a way to solve it. Each Opportunity has suggested a remedy to overcome each Reality. Now you have a list of action steps to reach your goal. Take action and work your way to your goal.

If you take a proactive, head-on, hands-on approach, you can work through any issue andmake some progress at the very least. What seemed impossible will start to feel more and more possible if you ask for help, pinpoint the knowledge and skills you need to learn, and generally break down an insurmountable issue or impossible path into its component parts.

January 29, 2019