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Global Irish BECKSearch is passionate about connecting people all over the world who want to exchange knowledge and experience to accelerate their success.


→ Wherever you are in the world, whatever your connection to Ireland, personal, professional, educational or emotional


Global Irish BECKSearch is the place to expand your horizons and accelerate your success. Global Irish BECKSearch connects people who are looking for specialist knowledge, and people who are ready to share their knowledge and experience for a fee.


Want to learn something? Ask one of our knowledge sharers, or create a custom request if you can’t find exactly what you need.


Are you about to *enter a new career field or a new country* and you *don’t have a network*? Find somebody in that industry or that location and get the context you need.


Do you have knowledge and experience to share? Create a job posting to help a knowledge seeker and generate revenue simultaneously.


Each of us has a unique professional skillset, gathered and refined over years of experience in our industry. Our experience and wisdom are precious. It can help somebody who is starting out, changing roles, or moving up the career ladder. It can accelerate the success of a company. It can help spread best practices far and wide.


→ Sometimes the answers we need are just too complex to be googled.


On Global Irish BECKSearch, you will find experienced, reliable people who will share their deep knowledge with you. With their guidance, you can fill the gaps in your own knowledge and maximise your potential.


→ Are you ready to make money sharing your specialist knowledge?


Your deep knowledge is valuable. On Global Irish BECKSearch, you will find serious knowledge seekers who truly value the information you can share with them.


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